The infamous co-creator of Tank Girl (Along with Alan Martin in 1988) which was later made into a stinker of a film, which neither he nor Alan had much influence over. Attended Worthing art college, Did a lot of work for British magazine, Deadline, drawing strips like Tank Girl and Captain Pyrate; my biggest role model.

He also worked with Pete Milligan on a strip called Hewligan's Haircut, which featured in 2000 AD, a strip about a mental patient, his home made haircut and the giant stone heads from Easter Island.
Briefly owned a vintage clothes shop called 49.
Also worked on The Sandman by Neil Gaiman and drew the characters on the set for SM:TV Live, a saturday morning kids program on ITV.
More recently he has been responsible for co-creating the cartoon band Gorillaz, along with former flat-mate Damon Albarn from Blur (Hewlett was a huge influence on the early ninties Brit-Pop scence, with many of the bands appearing in his strips).

Used to go out with former Elastica member Jane Olliver and former Elastica member Justine Frischmann.

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