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The Power of the Mind

My goodness!

Just a few minutes ago, I couldn't even get back to sleep.

I knew I was tired, but now I have so much energy in thought. So much so that I've figured out at least one crucial challenge that I've been having and realized how to apply the solution. It was there all along and all I had to do was recognize it.

I've finished the chapter of the "Master Mind" group in my book. That has got to be the most inspiring part of the book. It was explaining how when two or more minds come together, the results of being in harmony with one-another and pushing to solve and analyze challenges and aspects of life are astounding!

Napolean Hill used the example of one battery as opposed to several batteries. As well, the capacity of cells in one's brain also determines the brainpower being generated. Not only that, the fact that it grows with use (more neural pathways).

He also explained the story of Henry Ford and how he became a less ignorant man just by befriending Thomas Edison, the inventor and holder of many patents of many contraptions.

So far, I've had three experience with involvement in Master Mind groups. Two of them with Blair Singer's close associate, Chris Venn, along with parts of our group, as well as our actual business team. The power within these groups are massive.

The first group uses some fundamentals outlined by Buckminster Fuller, in that, "We're not in charge of the universe, we don't run it, we only play by the rules." We understand the rules of the universe and once that happens, we can use it to our advantage. When every activity is taken into account and then stripped down to its fundamental existence, we are then better equipped to handle and confront the chalenges of the world, bettering it in every means possible.

The second group relies heavily on the reality and the strategy, using less philosophical means to execute what needs to happen. The second group cannot live without the first in my mind. This is where I am able to discern between what works and what doesn't, and translate the fundamentals into something tangible or intangible.

From Day One of this year, I've been telling myself then asking myself what to do to Play Full Out!

Well, looks like the Power of the Mind will help in doing that.

Be fantastic!

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