Flour Power

Previously on Lost...: I had just moved into a new house & began my new job as the assistant miller at the Fairhaven Organic Flour Mill here in B'ham.

The new occupation is going great. This is the most stress-free job I've ever had, even better than vault controlling. I work 20 hours a week & it pays my modest bills. It's almost monastic in its simplicity, really. In the mornings I mill flour for my daily bread. In the afternoons I relax, learn, create, & enjoy my little slice of life out here in the Western Spiral Arm.

Here it is 2008 and here I am in Bellingham, just me and my dreams. Stable income. Stable expenses. Good health fueled by good food & good karma. Solid. Despite all my anxious fretting, nothing short of catastrophe could overturn my applecart now.

2008 is going to be my best year yet.

"Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god, YOU SAY YES"

In other, E2-specific news: As Katherine announced today in the winter newsletter, I have now officially drunk the Kool-Aid and joined the admin team.

Getting dropkicked directly from Level 4 noderdom straight to god-level status has been just as bewildering as I expected, but I'm happy about it. Though there's a few things I want to make clear right from the get-go...

#1: I am not a Content Editor. I was not offered this post on the strength of my writing or editing prowess (thank god). My meager deific portfolio contains exactly one item: coding "stuff".

So, even though I've got the buttons (Ye gods, the buttons I have now like you wouldn't believe), I won't be nuking nodes, fixin' mad typos, tossing my tuppence into any policy debates that aren't coding-related, or generally sticking my nose where it doesn't belong. Some gods wear both hats. I am not one of those guys. Just so yah know.

#2: My code-fu is not strong. ECore scares the living bajeesus out of me. Compared to the intro-level crap I'd learned in a couple misspent years of college during my previous career, this codebase is pure heiroglyphics, man.

I'm not backing down, though. I trust my puzzle-cracking abilities to an absolute degree. I'm here to learn & to build, and eventually (hopefully) to teach others, because I do have the free time now, and because E2 still blows my mind, and because E2 is needing some edevs bad.

#3: I &hearts E2. REALLY. HARD. I have a distinct vision of what makes E2 great & what I'd like E2 to become. I take my '@' pretty seriously, and I intend to work hard to keep it.

As the first microscopic cog in my catastrophic plan, I plan to write an edev-related daylog-- kind of a "muffled missive from deep within the machine"-- at least once weekly during 2008.

If you don't see one of these every week, feel free to kick my slacker ass.

So there yah go. The gauntlet has been raised.

Or thrown down.

Or whatever the hell it is you're supposed to do with gauntlets.

~ RP

Next time... the Zen approach, and how I intend to tame the beast...


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