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I thought work today was going to be equally as banal and frequently horrific as any other day. Then I came to the realization that I have to enter the checks today. Entering the checks is that one special thing that adds a little more tedium in between answering calls and joyous slacking.

So today is going to be more banal and horrific than a normal day. yay.
I had too much sugar! and I ran around like a hyper kitten @ work and got a lot of icky stuff done.. in drone sugar mode.. didn't even make errors! wahoo!

I wish my town had a LUG.

I want to go back to school, but don't know of any that would teach me what I want so badly to know.. any *nix inside and out.

I had not one, but TWO whole job interviews today. The first went very well and I really hope they gimme the job. The second was with a pack of assholes who I wouldnt work for for $100k a year. But anyway! Here's hoping I get a call on monday, and it is of a positive nature!

Today.. later on I have to pick up my puppy's remains.. we had him cremated.. sigh

It is gonna be one of those 48 hour days

I am kind of a mess.. I dunno.. I ate a lot this week and I feel bad about it.. so I didn't eat on the 28th, and probably won't til Sunday.. I know how horrid this is.. It's a fucking cycle. I feel obligated to compensate.. I don't want a lecture.. it's under control..

I was being silly and going around asking "Will you be my Valentine?" to people .. It's not about sex.. I have that if I want it.. even though I haven't in a while.. god.. since August.. I just want to feel.. I don't expect to fall in love, but fall in like..

Fuck I was suppose to send my resume to someone tonite..

PS - I didn't write about my not eating to invoke sympathy or to worry anyone.. I know it isn't the healthiest.. but I am ok.. I am ashamed partly.. but I need to let this stuff out before it consumes me.. and everything is a good place for that
Hard drive wiped, I set about recovering a semblance of my previous home computer. This is not as tragic as you might think: I have a second machine, my file server with all the drivers I need , humming away next to me. I am aiming for NT server, but the file server has no floppy drive so I can't make a boot disk. The NT Server CD isn't bootable (part of Backoffice), but NT Workstation is, so I install Workstation, and then install Server on top of that. The NIC installs smoothly, the video card is fine, and now I'm up to the scary part: the modem, which has given me conniptions in the past, and I'm not sure which of the 5 different driver sets is appropriate for it. I stumble on the correct drivers, nothing is irrecoverably screwed up in the registry, but now my ISP does not answer the phone. How am I supposed to know if I set up TCP/IP and RAS correctly?
Lunch with Kelly at the Pub. She gives me cigarettes, bringing my total smoked to 3 for today.

"Goodnight Wesley, sleep well, I'll probably kill you in the morning."

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