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So I'm making coffee, and I notice in a bottom corner of my box of Mr. Coffee filters that these filters also work with Mrs. Tea. I think "why didn't they just call it Mr. Tea?" Oh. Never mind.

I've run out of worthy text scraps to turn into nodes, for the time being. Now would be a good time to slowly traverse all my old nodes, manually restoring the soft links. But will E2 ever have the same one-click two-way link creation that E1 has? Otherwise, it's a slow, laborious process that I don't look forward to. Can we get an official statement on the linking situation?

After weeks of holiday this and Y2K that, it's a strange feeling to deal with normal weekdays. And a year that doesn't begin with "19".

First day of class in my second semester at Malaspina University-College. Both of my Computer Science courses have the same instructor, as do both of my math courses. I spent $300(Can) on three new text books (my calculus course uses one of the text books from last semester). I still have yet to have my Political Science course which I am thinking of swapping for Macroeconomics (I had [Microeconomics last semester).

I signed up for Comdex Canada West 2000. If I can talk my Math Instructor (and possibly economics) into letting me skip class on January 12, 1999 I will be going over to Vancouver in search of T-Shirts

Gah... these early shift days at Meijer have GOT to stop soon... I end up returning from work in NO mood to node, or to even make day logs. Arrg.

Besides that, Oakland University's classes don't start until the 10th, giving me (Hopefully) enough time to order my books from Bigwords.com. Too bad I may have overmaxed my Visa card by purchasing the new RAM chips I needed last month... Not pretty.

And hey... that was my 555th writeup. If that's not Spamtastick, I don't know what is.

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