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A fictional robot who commits suicide.

Jeddy 3 was created by what appears to be Hewlett and the unnamed 2000 man. Perhaps at what was the beginning of an epic chain reaction of scientific discoveries that leads to the departure of "2000 man" away from the decaying Earth and off into uncharted lands, Jeddy 3 was born. Assembled in the kitchen out of whatever was at hand, Jeddy 3 could run or walk, sing or talk, compile thoughts and solve lots of problems. The creators learned so much from him. Yet, they were constantly emerging on the frontline of technology, and when other projects became the source of their attention, Jeddy 3 (now affectionately nicknamed Jed) became highly depressed. He began writing poems (one of them titled "Beautiful Ground"), trying to encapsulate the sadness which grew inside of him.. until finally, he succumbed and drank himself to death, leaving nothing more than a fizzling and popping robot shell behind.

Jeddy 3 was an idea created by the band Grandaddy and appears in the songs "Jeddy 3's Poem", "Jed The Humanoid", and "Jed's Other Poem (Beautiful Ground)". The latter two appear on their 2000 release "The Sophtware Slump".

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