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The 2000 CD release by Grandaddy

A themed album, The Sophtware Slump tells the story of 2000 man, and the events that lead up to his projection into space, commencing his arrival in a new, desolate, lonely situation (presumably from poor piloting/navigation skills).

It tells the events of the end of the human race, how 2000 man might be the sole remaining member of our species, as he watches the planet decay through the use of his high-tech equipment running at his remote location (which may be a planet or a spaceship). It tells of how he dreams of the events that took place before his departure, the people he worked with, the girl he loved, and the suicidal robot he may or may not have helped create.

It portrays the sadness as he lands back on Earth to find it is indeed no longer inhabited... the world taken over by the animals.. the family of deer occupying a worn-down laundro-mat, the dogs who are dead with broken hearts... this unfortunate situation leads him to the realization that he must once again aim toward the skies, looking for another place to call his home. In a final stab at the loneliness he is about to endure for the rest of his days, he is sent a message of "Good Luck" from his computer terminal. He thanks the familiar female voice and is on his way......

Of course, this is all my interpretation.

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