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"Jewish blood", the man said, "Jewish blood has been spilled!" ...

What do you mean "Jewish blood"? How can you tell it's jewish? Does it have a special color? Can you see little stars of David in it? There's no Jewish blood! Blood is blood!

If the universal lesson of the holocaust is "to make sure that it doesn't happen again", for the Jews the lesson is "to make sure that it doesn't happen to us again". Hey, what have you to say about all the gypsies, the homosexuals, the retards, the cripples? The nazis murdered them too, you know. What about the 11 million that Stalin murdered? What have you to say about the Armenian holocaust, bosnia, or chechnia? And why didn't you raise your voice against the opression of palestinians at the hand of Jewish soldiers?

Every year we send our kids to Poland, we make them tread the charred earth of Auschwitz and Treblinka, putting Israeli flags and banners in their hands, and we make them sing patriotic songs to our homeland - to show the gentiles that we cannot be exterminated, that we have our own country, and we will defend ourselves.

Thus we miss the whole point. The most horrible thing about the holocaust is that people still do such horrible things to each other. We must start to realize this by looking at ourselves. (And don't tell me I can't compare the opression of the Palestinians with our holocaust, because I just did!)

Our moral rot becomes apparent when you look at the terms we are using. One major example is "Jewish blood", or "Jewish life". Another term is "terrorist". Why is a young man who's fighting for his freedom by killing the enemy labeled a terrorist? A la guerre comme la guerre, In war people get killed, and besides, wouldn't you do the same if you were in their place? I know that I would.

So when "Jewish blood has been spilled", the blood of a little child, what is the proper response? Is it bombing downtown Gaza? Or maybe a lone settler in an act of personal revenge going to kill a couple dozen Muslims in a mosque? (He will get one year in prison for "killing", and get out after 7 months for good behavior)

We must wake up to reality. I believe Israeli people are already starting to understand this, subconciously. That is why there is such a predominant feeling of burden in Israel these days. Moral burden. In this war with the palestinians we have already lost, simply because we are the powerful side, and have been corrupted by that power.

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