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Full name: the Original Jimmy John's world's greatest gourmet sandwich shops(tm).

Some of their advertising slogans include "Your mom wants you to eat at jimmy john's!" "Established 1983 in Charleston, Il, to aid students G.P.A. and general dating ability", and "approved by mama's great stuff super seal".

Sandwiches are by default served sub-style on their most excellent french bread, but can be put on honeywheat bread slizes upon request. Their standard menu includes 16 sandwiches, including ham and cheese, roast beef, turky, tuna, italian, and veggie, in various sizes and combinations of ingredients for different tastes. "Meat only" or meat/cheese only subs, without the standard lettuce, tomato, onion, sprouts, avocado, mayo, mustard, or whatever other toppings are available as well. Also on the menu are cookies, soda, and delicious and huge(!) dill pickles.

Jimmy John's targets itself to college students, staying open until 3 or 4 am all mornings but sundays, offering very rapid delivery--usually under 15 minutes, and very often 10 tops, and having reasonable prices. The most expensive sandwich on the menu is the Gargantuan, at $6.25, and almost all the rest are $4.25 or below. Delivery is a 50 cent charge per location, but the service is so good it's completely worth it. They also tryto be very accessable to college students, offering magnet menus, truly witty doorknob hangers (with a menu on back), menus on the back of campus phone books, slogans aimed at college audience, and the like. The staff is generally friendly, service is quite good for a "fast food" place, food's yummy, and their late delivery times are a lifesaver for us insomniacs. ^_^

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