The homebrew search engine at Iowa State University created by Dan Dunham and Jeremy Davis some time in April 1999. Legend has it that Dunham and crew went to see Dr. Strangelove, which provided the why and wherefore of the name. Prior to its inception the ISU network was little more than a motley collection of computers, sharing files at random. Through their programming derring-do they became heros to all at ISU, enabling much more efficient copyright violation among the student population. At present, it can be used to upset the RIAA, MPAA and SIIA among others. The standard fare of mp3s, movies, warez and cracks has been increasingly suplimented with pr0n, all of which are of obvious academic import. As of this noding it indexes 6+ terabytes of data, with amazingly little gemination.

Also has a related discussion board, appropriately named StrangeTalk, where students air their grievances with, well, everyone and everything.

Occasionally it has served as a bully pulpit, most notably regarding Dan's belief in the inherent superiority of Sunkist to all other carbonated beverages.

Other topics espoused include:

Official Bar Of StrangeSearch: Welch Avenue Station
Official Drink Of StrangeSearch: Sunkist (runner up: Ames, IA Tap Water)
Official Chinese Restaurant of StrangeSearch: Cocost
Official Movie Of StrangeSearch: Dr. StrangeLove
Official Sub Shop of StrangeSearch: Jimmy John's (official sandwich = Slim 1)
Official Best Game Ever Of StrangeSearch: Starflight
Official FPS Of StrangeSearch: Quake 2 CTF
Official RTS Of StrangeSearch: Total Annihilation
Official Arcade Game Of StrangeSearch: Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man
Official Mention Of StrangeSearch: Mike Behrens
Official Condom Brand of StrangeSearch: Durex
List lifted from StrangeSearch

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