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... is my fucking daddy. Or so he tells me, anyway.

Jonny McGovern is a particularly incredible performer who I've seen in a few off-raised-to-the-power-of-infinity Broadway productions at Surf Reality in Manhattan; including "The Dirty Matrix". His specialty is Dirty Gay Stuff and just plain "Dirty Stuff" is the name of his current solo show playing Sundays at the Fez March 4 through April 22, 2001.

He sings; he struts; he is really really gay, and he likes team sports. He likes nothing better than singing songs about gay team sports. By his own admission, he is also a gay pimp (www.gaypimp.com), a blaxploitation diva, a trailer park princess, and a drugged-out club king. He is enough to turn a straight girl male.

Oh, and just so you know, he fucked your boyfriend.

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