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IS-3 (JS-3) (Iosef Stalin or Josef Stalin)

Weight: 45.8 ton
Dimensions: 6.67 x 3.20 x 2.44m
Armor (max): 200mm
Range: 190km
Speed (max - route): 40km/hr
1 x 122mm D-25T model 1943 tank gun
1 x 7,62mm DTM machine gun
1 x 12,7mm DShK model 1938 anti-aircraft machine gun
Crew: 4

One of the tanks that were to turn the tide of the Second World War for the allies, but never got that far. In fact, it was only seen in a Berlin parade after the war (some say May Day Parade in Moscow, darn historians), but rumours say that it had also seen action on the very last edge of the war, essentially in the pre-invasion of Berlin and Poland. The Josef Stalin 3 (III) (IS-3, JS-3) was the Josef Stalin 2 tank rebuilt and refurnished for now to boast a much lower silhouette (i.e the height of the tank) and the 122mm gun of the whole IS series.

It was the most advanced tank of its time, and some are still in operation today (turn of the millenium, 2001) around Chechnya by rebel troops. It is however easily outmatched by the current strenght of the Red Army. This tanks extreme opposite would be the Königstiger.

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