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The theme music to the HHGTTG radio series is the opening to a song called "Journey of the Sorceror", written by Bernie Leadon, and originally performed by the Eagles on their album "One of those Nights". When Original Records rerecorded the show for the LP release, they used a new version arranged and performed by Tim Souster, in order to avoid paying the Eagles significant wodges of cash. The TV series also used a Tim Souster arrangement, which was released as a 7" single by Original Records, backed with "Only the End of the World Again" (a section of The Book narration) and Max Quordlepleen warbling. This is a very rare record.

On some versions of an Eagles album (can't remember which), "Journey of the Sorceror" is mislabelled "Journey to the Sorceror". The former is the correct title.

From the alt.fan.douglas-adams FAQ.

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