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Jucifer is a band from Athens, Georgia that consists of two members, Edgar Livengood and Amber Valentine. Ed Livengood drums, vocals, violin, horns, and scratching. Amber Valentine guitars, vocals, organ, and vibes.

There is a Hardcore Alternative Punk Metal feel to them and they have been compared with The Melvins, but with a female lead. Their Calling All Cars album has fast guitars and drums which can quickly change into a slow brooding acoustic beat. With the vocals of Amber Valentine ranging from soft whispers, to melodic cooing, all the way to impassioned screaming and back again. Jucifer can masterfully change the mood of a song while you just ride along. They are definitely a DIY band that keeps artistic control over everything, from the cover to disc and everything in between. With entrancing lyrics, on top of chaotic and controlled guitar and drums, its a mix that can't be beat. And my favorite.

Their first album, "Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip", was originally released by Crack Rock Music in 1998 and then was picked up by Capricorn Records and made available in January 2000 in a newly remastered but otherwise untouched form.

Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip track listing

  1. Code Escovedo
  2. Long Live the King
  3. Superman
  4. Malibu
  5. To the Place
  6. 44: Dying in White
  7. Nickel to Roll
  8. Glamourpuss
  9. A More Luminous Skin
  10. Hero Worship
  11. Ruin and Pink Chiffon
  12. Model Year Blowout
  13. The Movements of Swallows
  14. Japanese and Lovely
  15. Bonus Track*
  16. *Only on the original Crack Rock Records album.

In August 2001 they released another much anticipated album entitled "The Lambs EP" which is distributed by Velocette Records.

The Lambs EP track listing

  1. Lambs
  2. Lambs
  3. Lambs
  4. Lambs
  5. Platinum High
  6. White Devils
  7. Gunsick

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