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Unexpected ER trip yesterday after part two of root canal and temporary crown. Went to bed early, waking at 2:30am with unbearable pain in right eye above tooth dentist was repairing. Blurry vision, overly sensitive to light. In mirror, right eye was red, starting to swell. Tried saline drops, warm compresses. Everything hurt.

By 6am, eye was swollen shut, felt like razor blades poking whenever I blinked. Made gauze and tape eye patch which helped slightly. Son's girlfriend was in scrubs, getting ready for work. She looked, listened, then said I should go to ER, woke my son. Prepared for and imagined the worst.

Fortunately, everything went smoothly, from parking to registration to time I was in and out. Electronic records were mostly correct. Treated in a private, clean room I didn't know existed. PA numbed both eyes, stained and examined with special light that showed corneal abrasion.

Was given antibiotic ointment plus instructions and warning tears might be yellow or green. Vision still blurry but no more pain although eye itches and drops would be easier. Because immune system is compromised by RXs for Cardiac Sarcoidosis, need appointment with opthalmologist today or tomorrow. Not going to usual Doctor who missed the early signs in April. Grateful. * * * * *


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