This is a natural affinity
For small imported explosives
Casual flirtations with disaster
And illuminating the night sky

Skin blackened from sparks astray
Taken inches from the fuse
Something is in my hand
And I'm enamored with the danger

And I will light this
And I will hold on too long
And I will keep my eyes open
Sating a lust for combustion

Blue-red flame flickers and dances
Seductively down the wick
Heart is pounding, flashpoint creeping
Bargain for dainty concussion

Suddenly borne of a quick blinding pop
Every sound now but a submerged ring
Cracking fizzing startling and bright
Piercing violet-white tracers midair

But I wish so much that you were here
Because your own flame is what I most admire
You and I and your blanket rolling on the grass
Baby quick, my hair is on fire

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