My daughter left for a month in Thailand yesterday. The sixteenth year for students from our small town to go teach some English and learn some Thai.

I think my cat may be dying. She is losing weight. Perhaps it's just the heat, but I don't think so. She is only 11.

We got our first choice for office manager, who will start Wednesday. My current office manager said, "It's hard to find a perfect candidate."

I replied, "It's impossible to replace perfection."

She retires by the end of July, or sooner possibly if the training goes well. She has a family member with cancer, so will go sooner if possible.

I ordered new computers because of horrid ICD 10. The five year old ones don't have enough memory for the update of the electronic medical record, going from 17,000 diagnosis codes to 42,000 all new, all confusing, advantage insurance companies. And no, it isn't the ICD 10 the rest of the world uses, that one only has 14,000 codes. They are going to ICD 11 anyhow. I've gotten the first letter from a doctor who is going to retire because of ICD10. The letter says that if it isn't implemented, she may work a bit longer. I think we will see a flood if it's implemented.

Doesn't look like I am worrying much about job security.


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