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I don't know a lot about a particular subject, unless you count cross dressing Welsh farmers so I daylog. I enjoy writing about my life, however boring and inconseqential it may seem to others. I find it also help me sort out the days events in my head. I really like reading other people's logs, to get that little snippet of insight into others lives. Slightly voyouristic isn't it?!

I don't node for the ages much. I node for me

Things learnt this week via E2
1) when DEB suggests an addition to a recipe, you can bet a large amount of money she'll be spot on.
2) tentative is an Aussie.

As an aside, typing a node using an iPhone is really difficult. Actually, typing full stop is hard using this thing, made harder if you're not the most co-ordinated person in town. Other than that, I bloody love this thing (even if I have to yomp up a mountain to get enough signal to use the internet. Oh well, at least work can't complain about the massive Internet usage this month! p Dan out

Well, now that I'm out of school, I'm getting pretty damn bored.

Listening to Metallica and Mudvayne can only entertain me for so long before it starts grating on my ears. Also, there are very, very few good games for the Wii. I might just go up to the pool and blind the innocent bystanders with my pallor, if I can get my friends to come with. After all, nobody goes to the pool alone. That's just boring. Or I could start learning spanish, if I could get focused long enough to get interested. Well, maybe I'll just vaccum the floors or dust things so that today won't be a complete waste. Hmm... Maybe I've got a few unanswered emails in my inbox...

No, that's empty too. I never thought I'd say this, but damn, I wish school were back in session. I may have had to do pages of homework, but at least it kept me occupied and I was able to be with my friends.

Or I could node about my boredom...

Here we go again.

I met someone last night, someone I liked. Oddly enough, this doesn't happen all too often, but when it does, the world seems to change. The lake I'm looking out at right now seems brighter, clearer, and full of exciting life. The ducks that I usually have to shoo away from my backyard seem so beautiful today, and the lizards that crawl up and down that same old fence are suddenly really cool. The idea of being with someone new is quite intoxicating.

She came with a mutual friend to watch the Lakers vs Magic game last night. The game wasn't very interesting, but she was. We had several very long conversations about pretty much nothing at all. I loved it, and I loved her. Don't get me wrong, I'm not actually "in love" with a girl I've only met once for a few hours. I loved HER, as a person, the way she thinks and articulates and puts together words that aren't supposed to go together and gets away with it. I loved the way she made me think; I loved the fact that she held her principles in such high regard yet remained open-minded. I loved her in the same way I love E2. Or maybe it was just the pot.

I don't know why I even bother though. I already know what's going to happen if this does lead to something: the first few weeks will be awesome, then I'll get just a little bit too drunk one night and say something or do something that I'll regret. Even after she accepts my apology, things will never be the same. We will torture each other for a while, and finally, when all hope of a happily ever after is completely destroyed, it'll end, one way or another.

Anyways, it's a Wednesday and I've decided to blow off work. My roommate and some friends are headed to the beach; perhaps I'll go with them. Most likely I'll sit at home all day in front of the TV with my trusty bong by my side and enjoy my little crush while I still can.

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