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I GOT THE JOB! My new boss is great, after the interview he told me we were standing in my new office. Walking back I was so excited I dropped my phone into a puddle. The guy who fished it out of the muck has interesting eyes. We ended up doing tea, it wasn't as awkward as I thought it'd be either.

This postcard covers things I can't admit in person. Your talk about finding new dreams - ideas I called garbage, I didn't think they'd work for me - I wasn't myself after surgery. My back was ruined, I knew I wasn't going back to golf. It'd be like you finding out that writing is a thing of your past only you wouldn't have titanium rods and screws in your back or be in more fucking pain than you could imagine. My flight was bad but once I started walking around, I stepped off the plane and thought to myself; I could live here.

I want to start over. If I can't have the life I had then I want a new way to love golf. To you it's a game. The kid in the tea shop recognized me, his brother's a physical therapist. I didn't dare repeat the things I said to my therapist. I've been so ugly to everyone. Being here was a break from the hell my life has been since the accident. Gary proposed but I can't be what he needs.

People from all over the world come here for lessons. Playing for myself is one thing, teaching others, I think I can do it. I'm going to send for my things & hope people understand. This job is going to give my life purpose. I've already met a guy who had his elbow replaced. We joked about pairing up. He laughed, I laughed, it felt good to stand outside and laugh with someone who has as much metal in their body as I do. He's an engineer searching for a butterfly girl. Maybe we can build a better nine iron.


The new Me

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