For June, we're unveiling a brand spanking new quest, one that involves a fair amount of bystander participation. PostcardQuest is exactly what it sounds like: a quest driven by user-submitted pictures. For a more pen and ink variant on this quest, please see IWhoSawTheFace's real life postcard quest in this daylog

Rules: Read 'em Or Weep!

  • From now until the end of June, send me a message with a link to any picture across this great wild Internet.
  • Pictures must be worksafe and be minimally brain-hurting.
  • Pictures do not have to be of you or by you!
  • You may submit as many pictures as you like.
  • Pictures will be listed below.
  • The quest will run from June 1st at 0000 server time to July 1st, 0000 server time.
  • We will not accept late quest entries unless we are notified before the quest ends!
  • To contribute to the writing portion of this quest, pick a picture from the list and write a node inspired by or related to the given picture.
  • In keeping with the theme, entries must be no longer than 400 words each.
  • Publish your node and send me a message with the title and the picture you chose from the list.
  • Once used for a node, the picture is removed from the available list, and cannot be used again in this quest.
  • At the end of the month, we'll choose the best node out of the bunch and give 'em 100GP. Everyone else gets 20GP per node and a hearty pat on the back.

Pictures of You: Pick a Pic, Any Pic

Drop me a message with a URL to add a prompt to the quest!

Another Postcard From Chimpanzees

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