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Life is better when I face things instead of avoiding them. Yesterday I found out I didn't get the job I interviewed for and had hoped I would get. I was sad, disappointed, maybe a bit angry, scared, and felt a bit hopeless. I talked to a couple of people about it, realized that there are other jobs out there, and told myself that I needed to start applying for other jobs on Monday. I'm going to email the guy who interviewed me. The recruiter said that I was passed over in favor of someone with more experience. I'm going to ask if there's any way I could do an internship or become an apprentice to get some of the experience I need. They may not be receptive to the idea, but I'm going to advance it. I have nothing to lose either way.

The recruiter was very nice to me. He said he liked my energy and enthusiasm which was nice to hear. Yesterday the girls left. We had a very nice week together even though we didn't get out and do anything like I had hoped we would. The key word there is hope. I didn't actually plan anything so of course nothing materialized. Their dad is going to be in Denver for a few days so I'm getting Jane back tomorrow afternoon. The girls are going to spend some time with his dad. I know they'll eat a bunch of junk over there, it's a constant battle to keep healthier choices a priority. This week I made several batches of roasted vegetables. Jane didn't eat them, but Jill and I did.

Sometimes being frustrated is a good thing. I know that getting a job is the next step to a healthier me. It's going to feel so good to get my first paycheck. I'll enjoy getting out of the house more often, there will be stresses, but the freedom and income will be wonderful. Today I made myself take a longer walk. I used to walk down to the end of the road by the lake which I believe is about three miles. Right now I can only do about a third of that, but I can get back there if I keep at it. I have videos and I'm going to start rotating through them. Even if I only do a couple of minutes a day, that's more than I was doing before. I realized a grocery mistake I've been making which is buying less meat and more filler things. We roasted a chicken and that was a very smart move. From now on I need to plan meals around the protein source.

I finally finished my book. It's nineteen chapters of disjointed plot that I'm not sure how to fix, but the important thing is, it's done!! I'm letting it sit for a while so I'm more objective when I go back to start editing. It's going to be a long process, but I'm very excited. Another cool thing that happened was getting asked out on a date by the guy I like. He's going to be in town next weekend. We're going out on Saturday evening after the game is finished. He made a joke about it lasting nineteen innings, his sense of humor is one of the things I just love about him. Originally we were going to go out to eat, but I asked if he wanted to plan a picnic and he said he was fine with that. There's a job for me out there. I just have to go out and find it without letting discouragement overwhelm me. Tough, but I can do it. Perseverance

Today I flew an airplane for the first time since surgery. I was delighted to discover during preflight that the 50 lbs I've shed so far make even this easier - hoisting myself up onto the wing to check fuel, or clambering around under the nose, for example. I flew around Long Island, and across Long Island Sound to Bridgeport CT for a touch-and-go before heading back. I'm gaining more confidence talking to New York Approach.

Also yesterday, I had a Turkish mixed grill (kofte, gyros, kebab) with friends. Actually, I had maybe 3 oz of it, and 1 oz of hummus. After that, I felt stuffed, which makes sense since my surgeon told me my stomach capacity would be approximately 3-4 oz of solids. I didn't feel distended (which would mean running the risk of stretching my stomach) - just the kind of full it would have taken me a pound of meat and additional associated carbs to feel prior to the surgery.

When my friends and I were done (having between the three of us finished the mixed cold appetizer and the mixed grill) we wandered off to another part of Queens to an old-style Italian Ice parlor we sometimes frequent, where I had a sugar-free cherry and lemon ice. I tasted the pistachio, but it tasted too much like those old-style urinal mints smelled. :-) The cherry and lemon were perfect.

Additional good news. I had blood work done last Thursday. Despite being off metformin (my blood sugar medication), my HGA1C - a trailing indicator of blood sugar control, where 3-5.7 is normal - went from 6.1 to 5.8 over the past 8 weeks. My medicated fasting blood glucose was 117 at last test, and is now 99 - the top of but within the 'normal' range. This bodes well.

Weight: 283

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