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The saga continues.

I was hoping to get this written up for yesterday. The clock does not wait. The man does not wait. It'll just have to be today.

This writeup is the culmination of a three day experiment. The first day, I had two writeups. The second day, one. Now there is this one. This one isn't part of the experiment. It is the analysis. Here's a breakdown:

  1. May 30, 2002 Daylog: Standard "story" style daylog writeup. Reputation as of this writeup: very slightly negative
  2. Thou hast lost an eighth!: Funny "one-liner" style writeup about pot. Reputation as of this writeup: Marked for destruction within minutes
  3. May 31, 2002 Daylog: Prequel to this writeup. "I'm confused. Why doesn't E2 like me?" style writeup. Reputation as of this writeup: Markedly positive
What do I conclude from all of this? Well...
  • "Funny" writeups should only be attempted by noders of at least level 5 or higher. No one appreciates them if you don't have a couple hundred other writeups under your belt first.
  • "Story" writeups should probably stick to daylogs, also unless you are already a high level.
  • People like it when you are confused and think that the powers that be don't like you.
E2 is definitely a social group. The well known members can get away with writing things that the lesser knowns better not even think about.

Daylogs also seem to be a gentle place to learn the ropes.


Let the beatdown begin!

This apartment building has been a cacophony of noise this evening. It's got my nerves a bit frayed.

The curse of apartment 203. This apartment has had a series of people through it, many of which have been evicted. Some have just not stayed long. I've lived here for about four years, and in that time there have been at least four or five people through that apartment.

A smoke detector in 203. They got it figured out and got it shut off. Then there was a burglar alarm or something going off downstairs. That went for a bit, and then got shut off. Smoke detector in 203 again, probably for fifteen minutes or more. I thought they'd eventually get it figured out. Somebody banged on their door, but didn't get a response... Since I wasn't sleeping anyway, I wandered into my kitchen and was alarmed to smell smoke. I went out into the hallway and one of the other tenets was going to see if there was smoke coming out of the windows and said she would call the landlord. I'm getting worried now, but I don't do anything.

Landlord shows up and goes into 203. Smoke billows out and sets off the building's fire alarm. That's a loud fire alarm. So I paced and put on my sweater and boots, and wonder if I'll be able to take my computer out when I go.... there's a lot of stuff on it. I go out into the hall and the landlord comes out of 203, so I ask him if he's got it under control, and he says yes. The fire alarm and the smoke detectors all get shut off but now the place smells like smoke.

The landlord is pissed of course. I think these people just moved in today. The previous tenet had most of his stuff out on Friday, and was seen a bit Saturday morning. That's the way to make a good impression; try to burn the building down. I can't believe he slept through the smoke detector for so long.

fuck. I need to take a walk. I need a good stiff drink. Yes, I would like a drink.

Tappan Zee Bridge Toll: $4

Parking in the Bronx: $8

T-shirt depicting Johnnie of Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy saying “BOSTON SUCKS!”: $10

2 Upper Tier Tickets behind home plate at Yankee Stadium: $30

Argument with the NYPD when they made me turn the shirt inside out (stadium policy): 1 small headache and a near riot of over 30 people.

2 Dogs, Cheesefries, 4 beers, and a box of CrackerJacks: $44

Seeing Enrique Wilson hit a grand slam to crush the Boston Red Sox: Priceless.

Update to yesterday's daylog:

Work wasn't bad. Mainly because:
  • If nothing else, I learned how to pull a pint.
  • The regulars seem like a strange bunch.
  • We actually have friendly bouncers (sorry, doorstaff)
  • I got a nice t-shirt, perfect for lounging around the house in. It looks a bit like the logo on http://www.fabcafe.co.uk except with slightly different colours.
Work itself seemed like a pretty easy affair. Serve friendly customers, tell unruly customers to shut the hell up, threaten customers who ask for stupid cocktail things with broken glasses, the usual, you know...

We visited Satan's Hollow after work as well. Mainly because we wanted some cheap drinks but also to check that everyone was alright because some complete prick had decided - for a laugh - to set off a canister of pepper spray on the dancefloor.

Now all that awaits is sorting out when I'm working next and the sweet, sweet payment!

Time flies... or so the saying goes. I've spent the whole day revising, cooking, doing my laundry, and performing other, equally midless tasks.

The World Cup is on again. It seems that France 98 was just yesterday. Bleah! This gives me the creeps. What did I do in between? I think I should cut down on the booze.

Oh, and I've quit smoking 4 weeks ago, after 7 years of 30 cigs/day. I'm quite proud of myself - I just quit. No Nicorettes, no nothing. A plain vanilla quitter!


Continued from yesterday's daylog June 1,2002

Jarett came to get me for the movies, and I did everything to make sure I looked my absolute best. He looked good too, that soft gray Banana Republic jacket made me want to melt. Just my luck, when we got there, we saw Ethan sitting outside, with a girl I knew he was using to make me jealous. He shouted some cute comment, and I blushingly rushed inside.

It was the weirdest movie I had ever seen, Mullholland Drive. Perfectly suited for the occasion I suppose. I think Jarett took me because there was a lesbian scene, but Ill never be sure of that. Ethan was waiting for us after the movie, because he awkwardly came up to us and asked if Jarett would be at the frat house later. Ethan wanted to "talk" to him, and I wanted to kill Ethan. Or run away, because Jarett would certainly find out that Ethan was still my boyfriend and Ethan would find out that I went on a lunch date with Jarett earlier that day. There was no way out of it, I was screwed.

So Jarett walked me home, and he was quiet most of the time. I gave him the Cal beanie I promised him when we got to my room, and then as soon as he left I made a dash for the phone to call Ethan. I begged him to not talk to Jarett, but he said it was too late because he was already at the frat house. Damn him and his stubborn tendencies! I felt sick because I had absolutely no control over what was going to happen next. So I made Ethan promise to call me as soon as he talked to Jarett, and he did. He came over and after much arguing I broke up with him, again. He wasn't very happy about this, and ripped apart a bear that he gave me as a result. I cried, and he said that he only did it to know that I still cared. He did sew it back together for me, and that bear is symbolic of our relationship, in retrospect.

Eventually I sent Ethan home and immediately called Jarett. I tried to explain the whole situation with Ethan to him since I knew that he would not be too happy that I tried to go on a date with him while I still had a boyfriend. Unlike with Ethan, I actually told Jarett the truth, which was that I liked him(Jarett) but I didnt know how to deal with Ethan, but that I did finally break up with him, supposedly for good. Jarett somehow forgave me, but I could tell it wasnt going to be that easy with him.

To be continued...

Well, the Los Angeles Lakers won tonight, beating the Sacramento Kings. The Lakers were led by their usuals, Kobe Bryant and Shaq-fu. The game went to overtime, with the final score being 112-106. The game was tied at 100 points at the end of regulation play.

Personally I am happy the Lakers won. Not because I'm "on the bandwagon" or anything, I usually hate teams that are extrememly popular. I was actually hoping for a historical rematch, Lakers vs. the Boston Celtics, but alas, the Celtics lost to the Nets in 6 games. So it boiled down to something silly, namely the fact I dislike Vlade Divacs. Not the best reason to root against the team, especially when you think everyone else on the team deserves the win, but man, do I hate Vlade. I don't like how he always tries to draw the foul, he over-reacts as much as a teenager's poem is lined with angst.

Back to the game. I'd say the overtime boiled down to 4 people, Mike Bibby and Chris Webber for the Kings and, of course, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal for the lakers. To myself, it seemed that almost all the plays went to these superstars, especially the play of the Kings, who seemed to almost do nothing except run a pick and roll involving said players. Comparing the two pairs, Kobe and Shaq combined for 65 points, and 23 rebounds, whereas their counterparts had 49 points and 15 rebounds. But, then again, the dynamics of the two teams are drastically different. I would not go so far as to call the Lakers a two person team, but they are close. Kobe and Shaq are a dominating duo, and are a Basketball force not to be taken lightly. However, neither are the Kings. The bench of the Sacramento Kings scored 28 points, twelve of which belonged to Bobby Jackson. The Lakers' bench, OTOH, scored a mere 5 points. This usually decisive factor did not come into play, most likely from the dominance of Shaq and Kobe, although one cannot deny the clutch play of Robert Horry, nor the fact that the Lakers hit 5 more 3-point shots and 9 more free throws than their opponents.

I was really glad to see this game go into overtime. These two teams were very evenly matched, and the game could have gone either way. I want to see these two go at it again. I really hope the finals aren't a blow-out, after this good series, it would be a shame.

For those who care, or those who don't, my opinion is not swayed, Beast Ice remains better than Natty as far as cheap beer goes.

Statistics and numbers from www.espn.com because they're cool like that :^)

I know this isn't the best written write-up ever, but i suppose it's better than me saying I slept all day then played Grand Theft Auto 3 and Diablo II

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