Flyers - Penguins Epic Stanley Cup Playoffs Struggle - May 4 and 5, 2000

11:17 PM...

I started watching this game at 6:45 pm PACIFIC time.

It is now Four and a Half hours and FIVE overtimes later, and there is still no winner.

I will not let this game beat me.


Yahoo!s sports page stopped updating the box score:

From Yahoo! Sports. Reprinted only for Posterity in its entirety

                               NHL      PLAYOFFS
                                   PHILADELPHIA    1
                                   PITTSBURGH      1   18:42 LEFT, 3RD OT

                       SCORING SUMMARY
                           2:22 1ST     PIT  ALEXEI KOVALEV 1 (JANNE LAUKKANEN)
                           4:47 3RD  PP PHI  JOHN LECLAIR 5 (ERIC DESJARDINS,DAYMOND LANGKOW)

                          NHL      PLAYOFFS AT PITTSBURGH
                                   STARTING GOALIES:  PHI - BRIAN BOUCHER
                                                      PIT - RON TUGNUTT

                                          OFFICIALS:  REF - MAROUELLI, SHICK
                                                      LIN - BONNEY, SHARRERS

                          NHL      PLAYOFFS
                                   PHILADELPHIA AT PITTSBURGH
                                   NOTE:  FIRST PERIOD BOXSCORE RE-SENT TO CHANGE ASSIST ON
                                          PITTSBURGH'S GOAL FROM LAUKKANEN TO LANG.

                          NHL      PLAYOFFS
                                   PHILADELPHIA AT PITTSBURGH
                                   NOTE:  THE GAME IS TIED 1-1 GOING INTO THE FIFTH OVERTIME. A
                                          FINAL AND BOXSCORE WILL RUN AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE

                          NHL      PLAYOFFS
                                   PHILADELPHIA AT PITTSBURGH
                                   NOTE:  THE FIFTH OVERTIME IS UNDERWAY.  SCORE - PHILADELPHIA 1,
                                          PITTSBURGH 1.

                                                                updated at Thu May 4 23:14:49 2000 PT 


....i wont....


Primeau just won it for the Flyers.


Pretty shot, though.

92 minutes and 1 second of overtime.

Shit I'm tired.

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© Webster 1913.

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