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Staff meal:

1 head cabbage 3 pounds ground beef 5 tbl minced garlic 1 cup hoisin sauce 1 red onion 2 cups chopped mushrooms 6 cups rice butter salt black pepper cayenne white wine

Put on the rice and let that cook while preparing everything else

Cut the head of cabbage in half, and take out the core. Take one half at a time and with the flat side on your work surface start cutting across the half head. This should produce chunks of cabbage that when broken apart by hand leave one with relatively thin strips of cabbage. Give the red onion a quick dice. Heat up a large pan and toss some butter in. Throw the cabbage, onion, and garlic in with a little dash of salt. After the cabbage has started to lose some mass and loosen up, hit it with a little white wine. Just enough so that the sound of cooking dies down for a moment. There shouldn't be enough wine in the pan to be seen above the cabbage and onion. When the cabbage has achieved the desired pliability go ahead and take it off the heat.

Brown the ground beef hitting it with some salt, pepper, and cayenne. The mushrooms i used at work today were cooked on a flat top, then sauteed with a red wine reduction sauce before being added to the meat. This is because it was towards the end of the shift and there was a spare pan of mushrooms that would otherwise be thrown out. Your mushrooms don't need to be so fancy. Just give the mushrooms a rough chop and toss them into the pan once the beef is browned. When the beef is fully cooked toss in the hoison sauce. Stirring constantly, cook until all the beef is coated with sauce.

At this point toss in the cabbage/onion mix. Toss it around until you have an even mix. Grab the now finished rice (you didn't forget about it and let it burn did you?) and mix in the cabbage/onion/beef mix. Put it in a hotel pan and put it out.

"Staffs Up!"

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