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Walking down school hallways, I take in the faces as they pass. I only ever seem remember the beautiful people. My eyes feel heavy. My feet take me to the places I need to go, as my mind is elsewhere. Occasionally I might see you, and my heart flutters up when I do. My body becomes tense and my movement less random. It only lasts for a fleeting moment as you pass, then it's gone, and I am forced to return to my comatose state.

Faces, people, personalities. Most are blurred, and others remain unseen. I only really care to take in the extremes of people; those who are unique or interesting to me in some way. The names change but the faces don't. And then there's you, seemingly just a face in the crowd, but not really. I can spot you quite easily actually, as you stand out vividly among the commons.

People talking; seemingly not to me. They're talking at me or talking through me, but never to me. What they have to say is drown out by my thoughts which always are the loudest things in my head. Lips moving, but no consonant sounds. I look but I don't listen. At any given point in the day, your words are looming somewhere nearby. Most as transient echoes through my head. Everything you say comes off as some great proverb we all ought to live by.

Every day you're different. People don't notice, but I do. Sometimes you laugh like the rest of them, but most of the time you're simply there, standing with your group of friends whose names I shall never know. Meanwhile I have to go on living my subpar life, merely existing while you make the world that much more beautiful.

It's just another day and everybody is going about their lives. And then there's you.

The kids take their time
putting on their plain white socks.

He hurries into the day
having woken with little time to spare,

hopping about the floor,
he notes that his socks are a rather dark shade

if he had the time,
he would contemplate a philosophy around this.

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