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KMD consisted of 3 members: Zev Love X, Subroc and Onyx "the Birth Stone Kid" (of which Zev and Subroc were biological brothers). On a side note KMD is an "acronym" for "a Kure for a Much Damaged society" (go figure).

Their debut album Mr. Hood was part of KMD's attempt to kill off the "little black sambo" image and the whole "nigger-slave-mentality" once and for all. They were avid contemporaries of the Native Tongues family, but were a little more controversial and daring in a "5% kind of way".IMHO Mr. Hood was an early 90's musical masterpiece on par with ATCQ's Low End Theory which was released the same year (production credits go to the Stimulated Dummies, but some speculate that X had a hand in it as well).

The rest of the story is sort of like a Greek tragedy: the likeable Subroc dies in a gruesome car accident, Onyx jumps ship, Elektra cites the controversy surrounding the cover art (a black sambo hung in effigy) for their second album, Black Bastards as a convenient excuse to drop KMD from the label.

As mentioned above, Zev Love X made a triumphant return in '99, from a near decade long hiatus under the guise of super-villain MF Doom. His album, Operation Doomsday manages to salvage what would have been the crappiest year in hip-hop since, well... '98. Speaking of which, Fondle 'Em released the Black Bastards EP in '98 as well as a slew of singles from the album, which led up to the the full length release of Black Bastards in 2000. The album was then re-released in '01 by Doom's own Sub Verse Records.

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