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KMNR is a free format, student-run, FM college radio station located at the University of Missouri-Rolla in Rolla, Missouri. Its license is held by the University of Missouri Board of Curators. It broadcasts at a frequency of 89.7 Mhz with an effective radiated power of 450 watts. To put it in perspective, 450 watts gets us about 20 miles of actual listening radius. KMNR also compiles playlists for the College Music Journal Top 200.

UMR doesn't have a broadcast journalism degree, so the volunteer staff of KMNR come from many different backgrounds. Any UMR student is welcome to interview for a DJ position. The station is run by an executive board of DJs elected by fellow DJs. Funding comes from student fees, underwriting, and roadshow fees. Our free format means that any type of programming is allowed, and is up to the individual DJ who is on air. Our extensive musical library, featuring over 20,000 pieces of vinyl and over 50,000 CDs by 30,000 artists, allows a broad range of musical freedom.

The start of KMNR's story actually lies with a different radio station. KMSM (K-Missouri School of Mines, the former name of the institution known as UMR) was founded in 1964 as a student-run FM station operating at 1000 watts. In 1973, KMSM switched to stereo broadcast, but due to FCC licensing procedures, didn't keep the same call letters. A radio station in Butte, Montana got the letters and the station formerly known as KMSM became KUMR. However, this station had become less and less a student-run station, eventually becoming an NPR affiliate.

So, in 1974, KMNR (K-MiNeRs, the mascot of UMR) was formed as the nominal offspring of the original spirit of KMSM, even though no direct link exists. It, too, was formed as a completely student run station, which it remains to this day. The station was originally located in the heart of the UMR campus, behind the Mechanical Engineering building. In 1995, that building was torn down for a parking lot and the station moved to 12th and Pine. When it began broadcasting in 1974, the station was formatted, but in 1977, the station went completely free format. The only restrictions on programming are those imposed by the FCC to keep the educational-nonprofit license. KMNR currently keeps around 50 to 60 DJs on staff, and, thanks to computer automation, broadcasts 24 hours a day. You can listen to a shoutcast broadcast at http://hendrix.kmnr.umr.edu:8000 For a current schedule of shows, you can see the KMNR webpage at http://campus.umr.edu/~kmnr

KMNR also likes to throw concerts. Traditionally, there are at least 2 concerts per year, one in each semester. The fall concert is around Halloween and is known as Freaker's Ball. It's always a good time. The spring concert is called Glitterball, and it's whenever we damn well feel like it. Check out the website listed above for concert information. Usually concerts are free to UMR students with a small cover for others.

Mailing address:
113 E. University Center West
1870 Miner Circle
Rolla, MO 65409

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