Don't trust any AD Vision liner notes without double checking first. They are not canon material for Eva by any stretch of the imagination. Their Neon Genesis Evangelion VHS video covers are proof enough of that. False First Impact indeed.

The red sphere is not a "Koa", it is a Core. Koa isn't a Japanese word; it is just how "Core" would be spelled if written in Katakana. Koa is not a genuine Japanese word, it is just pronounced "core"; if you are going to use "Koa" instead of "core" then you might as well start using "AT fiirudo".

Follow up: Evangelion is a Gainax production, it is Hideaki Anno's work. ADV just did some translations and dubbed it for western distribution. If you wan't to believe AD Visions "translations" over the correct and original Gainax meaning that go ahead. Just don't claim that they are canon sources.

Also please note that randir's writeup is accurate, in that it accurately describes (word for word) what was written in the ADV liner notes of their DVD's, he should be commended for noding that information (in my opinion as an Eva no otaku at least). However, as I stated above, the AD Vision information itself is not accurate and people should be wary when trusting it.

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