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Kamov Ka-26 "Hoodlum"
The Ka-26 "Hoodlum" is a compact helicopter flown in Russia. Since 1965, it has served as the primary agricultural use helicopter in the former eastern block countries. Along with its civil service, the Ka-26 is used by a number of police forces from the former Warsaw Pact.

The Ka-26 "Hoodlum" was first announced in early 1964. Its design was optimized for use as an agricultural helicopter, but it also proved itself as a general utility helicopter for Warsaw Pact Police forces. In the event of war, the Ka-26 can be called up as an artillery spotter and stretcher bearer. The Ka-26 can hold six passengers or two stretchers in the pod that holds cargo behind the pilots. The Ka-26 is also used in firefighting, simply using its sprayers for flame retardant. For search and rescue the Ka-26 can attach a 331 pound hoist.

As of 1994 there were roughly 850 of the model in service.

Power Plant: two 242-kW Venedeyev M-14V-26 radial piston engines
Maximum Speed: 106 mph
Service Ceiling: 9,845ft.
Maximum Range: 249 miles
Armament: none

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