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Emporer of China: Kang Xi

Emperor Kang Xi, real name Xuan Ye, was the third son of Emperor Shun Zhi, born May 4 1654. He was a descendent of Manchuria, who occupied and governed China. This period of rule under Manchuria was known as the Qing dynasty (or the Clear Dynasty). Clear in Chinese, means clean or pure. His reign, spanning 61 years, was the longest in the history of China. China eventually integrated Manchuria into itself, as the Manchus accepted Chinese culture and did not try to force their own culture onto the Chinese people except for the Queue, a long pigtail, which was used as a symbol to remind the people who was in power.

Kang Xi was excellent as a child, studious, diligent, respectful, and marvelously talented. By the time he had inherited the throne, he had fully mastered archery, calligraphy, philosophy, literature, military and leadership skills, martial arts, and history.

As an emperor, he was an excellent leader, helping to unify Taiwan and expanding China's power. He also improved the quality of life in China and was fair and compassionate man. He often made under-cover trips as a common man across China to exploit corrupt officials, recognize "clear" ones, and learn what problems peasants were facing. He was immensely popular and was loved by the people (except of course anarchists and peasants against monarchy). He, along with emperor Qian Long are said to be the two greatest leaders to ever rule during the Qing dynasty. He is one of the few Emperors still remembered today, and has been portrayed heroicly on many different television series.

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