Nagisa Kaoru (Kaoru of the Seashore) from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
The record of his life has been deleted, just like Rei Ayanami. The only thing known about him is that his birthday is the very day of the Second Impact

He is also the 17th Angel: Tabris, the angel of free will. He is destined to live forever, although the human race will be annihilated as a result. He is able to die though, and in the he end asks Shinji Ikari to kill him because death, as he puts it, "is the only absolute liberty".

Update 19/04/01

The Fifth Children who was sent by SEELE to NERV. However, his true identity was that of the 17th Angel. It is likely that he was an Angel which had been captured by SEELE in the embryo stage. Unlike the other Angels, he has feelings quite similar to humans. The records list his birthdate as September 13, 2000 AD. He made contact with the Third Children -- Shinji Ikari -- as a human, and although he became friends with Shinji, he was ultimately crushed to death by Eva-01 piloted by Shinji. He said that "Life and Death are of equal value," and "Only one form of life can be chosen to be given the future."

Source: The End of Evangelion : Glossary contained within The End of Evangelion - Theatrical Program.

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