Major assigned to the First Operations Bureau Section of the Tactical Operations Department in NERV HQ. She is also the Operations Chief, and is thus responsible for the strategic command of the Eva. Saved by her father, whom she hated, from Second Impact, this loss of her father caused her mental trauma and she suffered an extended period of agnosia (loss of speech). The cross pendant that she wears is the keepsake of her father. Although a member of NERV, she harbours constant suspicions towards the actions of Commander Gendou Ikari and the others. Based on the information left by her lover Ryoji Kaji, she sought after the truth on her own. Birthdate: December 8, Blood type: A, Age: 29

Source: The End of Evangelion : Glossary contained within The End of Evangelion - Theatrical Program.

Note: Misato did not shoot Kaji. She loved him, she wouldn't do such a thing. More importantly however, Hideaki Anno has officially stated that Misato was not that killer, and that it was a nameless someone, most probably from SEELE's security division. See Who Shot Ryoji Kaji?.

Played by Kotono Mitsuishi in the original Japanese dub and by Allison Keith in the ADV dub Misato is famous for promising the viewers fan service in the trailer for the next show at the end of every episode. It is also interesting to note that Kotono Mitsuishi's birthday is also the 8th of December. The convention of having the characters birthday's mirror the original Japanese voice actor's birthday is followed through with almost every character in the series.

In line with Hideaki Anno's convention of using Japanese Imperial Warships as the names of his characters, Katsuragi is the name of an Unryu class Japanese aircraft carrier. Incidently "Misato" is taken from the name of Izumi Misato, a heroine from Narita Minako's manga "Aitsu".

Misato is 29 years old in the series, and was promoted the military rank of Major at NERV. She served at the NERV branch in Germany before being transfered to Tokyo 3.

She lives in her apartment with Shinji Ikari (The Third Child), Asuka Langley Soryu (The Second Child), and a weird warm-water penguin called Pen-Pen. She's famous for her fan service, doubly so for letting Shinji hit that in the End of Evangelion OAV, and IMHO, infamous for not giving Asuka the bitch-slapping she deserved.

And that ASCII art, though very cool, doesn't do her justice.

I'd just like to note that the ADV release on DVD calls the Eva pilots the First/Second/Third/Forth Child when referring to them singularly. However, I've been told by Wigs that GAINAX originally used "Children" instead of "Child." Normally my instinct would be to say "whatever", but I've been downvoted enough as a newbie...

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