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Pen Pen's proper name, which I think is cooler in a geeky sort of way, is Pen². Pen-Pen, that's Pen squared, was once Fed Exed to a hot springs resort by Kaji Ryouji, where he witnessed Shinji Ikari's thermal expansion.

He comes from a newly evolved breed of Tropical Hot Spring Penguins. He was part of an experiment, but when the time came for him to go, Misato Katsuragi took him home. Fish is one of Pen Pen's favourite foods, however, unlike Antarctic Penguins, his diet also consists of beer, curry and ramen. He loves taking showers, and sleeping in Misato's fridge.

By the end of Neon Genesis Evangelion Misato had to send Pen² away because it was getting too dangerous around where he was. What happened to him during The End of Evangelion is a mystery.

Hideaki Anno's thoughts on Pen²'s name is as follows:

Super straightforward naming, but I thought the reduplication sounds cute. His official name is the 2nd power of Pen. I was reluctant at first, but it appeared the show because we thought we need a mascot animal. The show is set in a hot-spring resort Hakone, and one associates a monkey to a hot-spring. But that is no fun, so we decided to make it a penguin, most unsuited animal in a hot-spring. I remember "Hot-spring penguin" is Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s idea.

Despite being a "Hot Springs Penguin", Pen-Pen lives in a refrigerator, and wears a portable air-conditioner on his back.

Was given to the Horaki family (Hikari Horaki) before Misato Katsuragi's untimely demise, and Instrumentality (see also: Human Complementation Project).

His fate after Instrumentality is unknown, although if you assume he has no human or angelic properties (and is therefore unaffected), then he becomes the Ruler of Earth by default. And a very lonely one at that. There is of course the possibility that Pen-Pen was created from (or contains the soul of), a Human, an Angel, or God. This IS Neon Genesis Evangelion ya know. =]


  • Misato's cooking (she can't cook ramen?! Thats my kinda girl)
Indifferent to just about everyone/everything else.

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