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There is an old Zen teaching which states that often the highest form of action is inaction. Sometimes this is a wise choice, since certain situations can simply require a little time to gravitate toward their own resolution. Of course, this logic does not apply to conditions in which lives are in immediate peril (house fire, tornado, etc.). Nor, is it valid for many do-it-yourself-because-you're-the-only-one-around-to-do-it scenarios (changing a flat tire on a deserted road, bringing in the ton of groceries, etc.). Otherwise, take action or not. Either way, something will likely happen, good or bad.

Keep doing nothing. You haven't got all the facts. Keep doing nothing. It's just going to be undone by someone else anyways. Keep doing nothing. There are people more intelligent than you making sure the right things get done. Keep doing nothing. You can't make a difference. Keep doing nothing. You might get in the way of something more important. Keep doing nothing. Somebody else is taking care of it anyhow. Keep doing nothing. You might hurt someone by accident. Keep doing nothing. We're all going to die, anyways. Keep doing nothing. It's too difficult to do it on your own. Keep doing nothing. No one will notice your hard work anywhow. Keep doing nothing. You shouldn't make waves in a public pool. Keep doing nothing. Someone will contact you when you're needed.

Keep doing nothing. Or else you might upset the status quo.

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