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     Created in 2003, the Pornosphere was originally developed for military purposes as a tactical distraction, but soon the obvious came to light: this was no mere weapon for the application of warfare. The Sphere was kept under wraps during months of private testing by individual scientists, and routine visits from interested parties (Hawking was said to have gone to Area 36 repeatedly for "rigorous study", only to exit the domed complex in utter silence, not commenting on his experiences for three years). Finally, the Pornosphere was allowed to become public knowledge, mostly as a tool to promote democracy and capitalism. The results can be obvious to all as the Pornosphere revolutionized media, sports (for instance Mammiball which involves physioindependent breasts created from a sample of the Pornosphere), and replaced God.

Parameters and Application

     Basically a hovering, inverted orb of pure representational flesh, the Pornosphere is raunchy enough to create its own pocket dimension which it then inserts into reality hard, fast, and teenage. Scientists theorize that the Sphere's effect on space-time has the same bending, lengthening, and suction effects of a black hole. Many seemingly intractable scientific problems have been rendered easy since the discovery (e.g. to find out the exact position of an electron and its velocity, you simply seduce it). The creation of pornology as a new branch of science has yielded many jobs for graduates, including those who have the capacity to study the data, pornologists, and for those who have the proper stamina, pornonauts.


     After a trial year of full access for the public, the Pornosphere was then locked down into a gratuity phase. Finally, in 2012, the project was shut down when investigation showed a connection between unemployment, debt and the appearance of the project as well as a rise in many individual predicaments, and the acceleration of global warming). Unforeseen, the sudden loss of such a boon to society led to catastrophic results...


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