Last line ascribed to the alleged suicide note of journalist/terrorist/librarian Ulrike Meinhof of the Red Army Faction, found dead in her cell in a maximum security Berlin prison specially constructed to house her and the gang she led through most of the early 1970s.

Meinhof and her gang became a vastly influential movement with leftist European intellectuals and students, after a series of well-timed bank robberies, bombings and high-speed BMW chases- all in the name of the Revolution. The RAF maintained a 'shoot first, debate dialectical materialism later' ethos which had them blowing up police stations, banks and department stores on fairly short notice. By favoring stolen sports cars and robbing banks while playing rock music (at the same time as they denounced capitalism), some critics have pointed out the inherent philosophical contradiction in the movement's politics; however, the style clearly explains much of their romantic image and popular support.

See also:Movement Second June, Baader Meinhof, Socialist Patients Kollective, Luke Haines

The mouth is the most stupid of all organs. It has an amazing way of drenching you in trouble or bringing to life your wildest dreams.
However, let's take a look at the mouth from a literal angle. The lips, tongue, teeth and the saliva. That is the worst natural combination accident that happened to the human visage.
People often forget to brush their teeth thus all hell breaks loose. Rust crops on the dentine and a pie hole turns to a pit hole.

Toothpaste is proving weak. Whitedent is doing good and natural herbs are doing excellent. In the near future, if everything turns herbal, we might grow thick fur and tails and head back to the jungle. Tarzan, here we come!!.

Now, heading back, keep your mouth clean and your teeth very well flossed. Don't use matchbox sticks please, you'll bleed your gums. Speaking of gums, keep them healthy by brushing your teeth. Ghost breath isn't allowed in this preliterate society.[

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