I keep all cereal in the refrigerator.

I don't really think about it; it's just reflex, it's just the thing that seems natural. That was where my parents kept it; i've never lived somewhere where it was kept somewhere else. For a big part of my life, i was totally unaware that this wasn't something that practically everyone, or at least a majority of the people, did. I thought the refrigerator was the default.

But it isn't. Practically any time i'm at someone else's house and see cereal, they seem to tend to keep it in a cabinet or something. And when the subject comes up, people often seem fairly surprised to learn i don't do the same. "You keep cereal in the refrigerator?", they say.

I honestly think it's the best place to keep it. Cereal that has been refrigerated has this nice crispy quality to it that you don't get otherwise. Try it for awhile, just so you'll know-- you really will notice a pretty serious difference once you try to go back. Cabineted cereal tastes kind of dull and the tiniest bit mushy by comparison, although you can't tell this unless you've tried cereal any other way. Exact same thing with Nilla Wafers or PB Crisps or other such foods-- refrigerate them for any serious length of time and they just taste so much more vibrant.

Does anyone else do this with their cereal? Am i the only one? This is really something that people don't talk about often, for obvious reasons, and asking people if they refrigerate their cereal tends to seem rather silly in most contexts, so i really have no idea exactly how common it is. It's such a little thing that i really can't go and conduct any kind of serious polling, and i really don't feel like going to the bother. But i am rather curious as to what people think about it.

A word of warning-- do not accidentally leave the box/bag in the cereal undone. Make sure the box is closed and whatever plastic container separates the actual foodstuff from the box is tightly rolled up and airtight. If your cereal box is not airtight, you will regret it-- the next morning when you come in all of the cereal will have gone really funky and really inedible. You have to be careful. The dangers are great, but the rewards are many. (The previous sentence utilizes irony.)

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