Somewhere Else is the fourteenth album by Marillion, released in the UK on April 9, 2007. Unlike the bands previous two albums, there was no preorder special edition of this album--fans were asked to order the album online from Townshend Records who released it with a special edition DVD with 3 live tracks.

For Somewhere Else the band parted ways with producer Dave Meegan and worked with Michael Hunter--who worked with Meegan on Brave and had done other work with the band. A different producer led to a very different kind of album--the sound much less "produced" than Marbles or Anoraknophobia, a much more intimate and live feeling sound. Also notable is that the songs tend to be shorter--none over 8 minutes--and are a bit simpler, and more rock-oriented.

The album's first single, See It Like A Baby, was a download-only single that got Marillion a #45 spot on the UK singles chart. A second, double-A side single is planned in June, 2007.

Meanwhile, the popularity campaign started with Marbles has led to more publicity for this album, including a great profile in the Sunday Times of London, and sold out tour dates all over Europe (but no US tour as of yet.)

Track listing:

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Even as I sit in my swivel chair finger-brushing my pencil skirt and shaking my round face "no", it's going on. Happening. Time is taking place. The chronology of the day, be it abhorrent or better, goes from one to two; from pinky to thumb.

The precipice of happening is always there. Darkness and falling and edges, same as always... beautiful, like a gravity star or fusillade, Time swallows.

It was me in winter just then, a spare moment before deadline to imagine happening elsewhere; other than where this pen of mine is clicking and the office staff mills with notions of grave importance.

Sometimes I think up ways in which I'd like to be swallowed. Like now, like as the pen clicks.

Somewhere near the equator, walking the line where beach and blue meet high tide. Peeling oranges in Fresno with the music at full blast. Naked beside you on a floor in Marseilles, practicing hard your Tao of sex, n'est pas? Et le Temps m'engloutit.

When she falls into me there is music on her breath...

Time was there, hungry and all fluid and ash with its loud tick-tocks.

From pinky to thumb, I count down the day.

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