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Keiko is said to be the most common given name for Japanese women. However, this is slightly complicated by the fact that there are 46 different ways to spell it in kanji, each carrying its own connotation.

Some famous Keikos include pianist Matsui Keiko, Keiko the Orca from Free Willy, and Keiko O'Brien from Deep Space Nine. Without further ado, here are the Many Keikos of the World, as Unicode entities:

計井子 "plan well child"
契子 "child of vows"
螢子 "firefly child"
慶子 "rejoicing child"
圭以子 "child comparable to a jewel"
系子 "child of lineage"
希以子 "child comparable to the phenomenal"
競子 "child of competition"
啓子 "open child"
彗子 "comet child"
恵以子 "blessed child"
惠子 "graceful child"
敬子 "honored child"
渓子 "mountain stream child"
経子 "child of the sutra"
計子 "plan child"
憬子 "admirable child"
径子 "child of the path"
慧子 "wise child"
珪子 "child of the jade scepter"
警子 "child of admonishment"
禊子 "child of the Misogi"
榮子 "splendid child"
京子 "child of the capital"
啓移子 "child disclosing change"
境子 "border child"
炯子 "child of light"
馨子 "fragrant child"
圭子 "jewel child"
桂子 "pleasing child"
契子 "child of promise"
圭井子 "jewel well child"
恵子 "blessed child"
蛍子 "firefly child"
佳子 "pleasing child"
奎子 "star child"
瓊子 "jewel child"
佳以子 "child comparable to pleasure"
圭似子 "jewel-like child"
卿子 "lord child"
景子 "scenery child"
憩子 "relaxing child"
恵郁子 "child of graceful perfume"
奚子 "servant child"
慶江子 "child of the inlet of rejoice"

It can also be written as けい子, using both hiragana and the child kanji... or, alternately, as ケイコ in katakana.

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