Slang term used by CMU students (as opposed to Pitt students, who say "KF Taco Hut") to refer to a new fast-food eatery that just opened up on South Bouquet Street. Basically, it is a combination of KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut, with a menu taken from portions of each restaurant's offerings. The novelty factor is that you can order pizza, fake Mexican food, and fried chicken on the same order. It also takes Pitt funds, an added plus for Pitt students.

See also Kentucky Fried Pizza Bell.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut food available from one storefront. What more can be said? You can put gravy on your Gordita and Fire sauce on your Personal Pan Pizza. If you consider all of the available soft drinks and desert items, the possible drink-appetizer-main course-dessert combinations are staggering.

(Let me tell you the story: Recently arrived in the city of Pittsburgh, I had decided to embark upon an eating tour of the city. I had always heard, but never really believed, the legends of a PepsiCo triple franchise location -- never really believed that such a powerful amalgam of fast food choices could exist under one roof; I put the thought out of my mind. "Surely," I thought, "surely this is nonsense."

Weeks later, wandering the rainy city streets and desperate for a fast lunch, I found myself bodily before the fast food shrine. With utmost reverence, I entered and ordered a Chalupa. And it was good.

To this day I believe that had I searched for it I would never have found it. I believe that the KenTacoHut chose to find me that day, and that even those who spend their lives seeking to bathe in its holy glow only find it when the time is right.

However, if you'd also wish to have a KenTacoHut find you, (nudgenudgewinkwink) I'd recommend hanging around At 117 S Bouquet Street in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, near the University of Pittsburgh campus, just around the corner from the central undergraduate housing. It's a small storefront, inconspicuously located between blocks -- as opposed to the nearby Wendy's and Burger King franchises located on corners. (Each of these stores easily has three times the space of KenTacoHut -- an obvious attempt to offset KHT's sheer fast food density.))

I have just been told of another player in this PepsiCo story: apparently one can find a Dunkin Donuts co-located with a KFC. Logical induction leads us to speculate on the possible existence of a *quadruple* fast food storefront. If we allowed ourselves this indulgence, we might call it a DunKenTacoHut.

I shiver at the thought. Noders: If someone can send me a picture, phone number or other positive proof of such a beast, I will have shipped to you the ThinkGeek caffeine sampler Version 2.0, or other appropriate compensation. Really, Boy Scout's Honor.

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