Why can't I ever arrange these things in advance? I think I'm genetically predisposed to winging it.

Here goes:

Who wants to meet a Britnoder in New Yawk City? How about...TWO OF 'EM?

Ralphyk and Jodiek are comin' to town. Real. Live. In the flesh. NOT a simulation or hologram of any sort - it's the real deal, folks, good for one night only and guaranteed to knock yer socks off. Listen in amazement to the accent! Sit stunned as they explain parliament, the royal family and cricket! Find out what's really so terrible about the French!

As part of this special two-for-one deal, JodieK will talk of all things Irish! Whiskey! Sheep! Er...Whiskey!

(naked girl not guaranteed to show)

And, best of all, it's absolutely FREE*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*(free assuming you don't drink anything and don't buy our guests a drink. But it COULD be free.)

The who, the when and the wherefore:

Sir Ralph has expressed an interest in Bar 81, and I'm not a man to turn down a request. We shall meet there THIS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6TH at 11PM (in order to expose our guests to the wonders of closing a New York City drinking establishment Dive Bar. Drinks will be had, fun will be shared, and then...BAGELS. It ain't a night out without bagels.

Who's in?

The maybes:

Extraneous notes:

  • Grundy says Alas, I will not be there, but tell them if they don't come visit me I will hold their wertperch for ransom.
  • momomom will be wavin' from the southlands

Come one, come all. This is a limited-time offer, so act now! Our operators are standing by!

details, sans wit: bar 81 is on 7th street between first and second avenues, closer to first. The 6 train stops at Astor Place; that's the closest subway stop. We'll meet up at 11pm this saturday, get some drinks and play it by ear from there. If you'd like to come, drop me a message or give me a call - my cell number's in my homenode, or you can email me at pint@impishgrin.net. We might wander, or bar-hop or whatnot, so keep that number handy. I can offer crash space for an out-of-town noder who wants to come, MAYBE two, but space is extremely limited in my neck of the woods. The time is extremely flexible; we can make it earlier but we need to hit bar 81 at some point. Opinions are more than welcome.

That's it. Phone in, show up, say hi; we'll be waiting for ya.

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