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A well-reputed small liberal arts school located in Gambier, Ohio. Like other schools in this category, it has excellent programs in English writing (students there are always writing papers, even for such subjects as Calculus) and the performing arts. It has a pleasant campus, with such features as the beautiful Middle Path running, aptly enough, straight down the length of the campus. Fraternities are fairly prevalent, sororities less so--as one student put it, "Social life at Kenyon is the drinking." That probably comes from being in the middle of nowhere as it is.

Something of special note for students considering Kenyon is their financial aid system. It is unique in that need-based financial aid is calculated first, and scholarships are added on top of that, instead of the reverse order. This means that students with good test scores, GPA, etc. have a greatly improved chance of receiving an excellent deal on tuition.

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