Key Club International is the world’s largest high school community service organization. This organization is present in thousands of highschools and boasts over 200,000 members who contribute millions of hours of community service annually to their local communities.

Key Club International (KCI) is a sponsored program of Kiwanis International. This organization is akin to Circle K International, Builders Club, and K-Kids. All of these organizations make up an unofficial institution known as the Kiwanis Family.

Each individual club has the typical club officers: President, Vice-president, Secretary, Treasurer, representatives and committee chairs. The specific structure of each club is up to its membership.

KCI Chapters are organized into Divisions, each of which is headed up by a Lt. Governor. Divisions are to clubs as counties are to cities in a way.

A group of divisions make up a District. Districts each have a Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Bulletin Editor, Lt. Governors (see above), and committee chairs. Some Districts include: Missouri-Arkansas, Southwest, Wisconsin-Upper Michigan, and West Virginia. There are thirty-one such districts. (As per the previous analogy, think of Districts as States)

The International Level consists of a President, Vice-president, and fourteen (14) Trustees. Though there has been a movement afoot for quite some time to reduce this number for reasons of cost and efficiency.

Politics certainly do exist in KCI (see: Key Club) however, their impact on the District and International Levels is actually smaller than perceived. The presence of excessive club politics varies wildly from one club to another... your mileage may vary.

Key Club International strives to be the premiere high school service organization and has enjoyed a great deal of success. While the aims of KCI are not as well enumerated as those of Circle K International it should be noted that they are largely similar.

In May of 1925 the eleven charter members of the first Key Club met in Sacramento, California. Originally Key Clubs were intended to replace High School Fraternities which enjoyed much success in the 1920's. Kiwanians and educators hoped that Key Clubs would replace these fraternities with a more wholesome, service-based opportunity.

The clubs in Florida formed the first state association of Key Clubs in 1939. In 1946 the Key Club International Constitution and Bylaws were approved, and shortly thereafter Florida became the first district.

Key Club, though originally all male opened its doors to femailes in 1975. Prior to that, females were typically a part of Key Club through loosely affiliated groups that were not officially sponsored. Key Club was second to Circle K, which allowed females to join in 1973.

Key Club Pledge
I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the objects of Key Club International;
to build my home, school and community;
to serve my nation and God;
and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.

"Caring -- Our way of life."

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