Khalid is a non-player character (NPC) from Baldur's Gate, a computer role-playing game developed by Bioware released in 1998, that could become a member of the player's party with his wife Jaheira. Unlike his bossy mate, Khalid is not only timid but almost a complete nervous wreck. Khalid's personality is reminiscent of C-3PO from Star Wars but with the addition of a stutter. Nevertheless, Khalid isn't only an adventurer but a fighter and not half bad at it. Not a particularly exceptional fighter, I've found Khalid's best use in the game is to absorb damage. There are other tank type characters in the game (Minsc, for example) but Khalid's personality is annoying enough that most players probably won't mind if he were to meet an unfortunate end. Khalid (and Jaheira) can be found in the tavern at the Friendly Arm Inn.

Khalid is a half-elf from a land called Calimshan (Baldur's Gate takes place in the Dungeons and Dragons gameworld of the Forgotten Realms), a friend of Gorion (the sage that raised the orphaned player character), and a Harper. The Harpers are an organization dedicated to maintaining balance throughout the Realms between good and evil, order and chaos. Khalid's Harper membership isn't explicitly stated in Baldur's Gate but in the sequel, the player can find that Jaheira is a Harper, as was Khalid.

As Jaheira and Khalid are a couple, Baldur's Gate is setup so that the two must join and leave the player's party together. If anyone only wants one of these two characters in his/her party though, there is a way around this. Killing off either Khalid or Jaheira will upset the other (obviously) but the surviving member of the couple will remain with the party. Another, less cruel method is to expel one of the two from the party inside a building and then leave before the now-ousted character can talk to the player character. Members of the party that get kicked out will move over to the player character to ask, basically, "are you sure you want to do this?" With characters like Khalid or any others that come as a pair, if one is forced to leave the other will follow after this brief conversation. Therefore, leaving the area before the expelled character can talk to the player character prevents the "are you sure" conversation from ever taking place, preventing any other party members from leaving as well. These methods work for splitting up any paired characters in the game, not just Jaheira and Khalid.

Part of the beginning of the storyline for Baldur's Gate II involves Khalid's death. Irenicus, the wizard that has captured the player character at the start of the game, has apparently killed him and used his body in experiments relating to the player character's childhood friend Imoen. Not long into the game, the player character will come upon Khalid's mutilated corpse on a broken table, setting up Jaheira's personality as angry but wounded for the rest of the game.

As Baldur's Gate is based on 2ND Edition AD&D rules, Khalid has the usual Dungeons and Dragons statistics. They are as follows:

Race: Half-elf
Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 17
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 10
Charisma: 9

Khalid is a common Arabic first name. It is the verbal noun of the three-letter root verb khalada which means "to live forever." Khalid means, "immortal."

A related word is "tekhleed," which is the verbal noun for the second measure which means "immortalization."

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