In the Warhammer multiverse, Khorne is one of the four Great Powers of Chaos. He is the Blood God, the Lord of Battles. He is the embodiment of mindless, indiscriminate, absolute violence. He is most commonly depicted as a well-muscled humanoid figure hundreds of feet tall, sitting on a throne of brass covered with scenes of slaughter which rests on a mountain made of the skulls of all those slain in his name. He is dressed in armour of black Chaos metal, carved with skulls. In his right hand is a greatsword of this same metal, and on his head he wears a helmet which partially conceals his snarling, bestial visage. His symbol is the skull, the symbol of death. It is most often stylized as an X-shaped rune with a crossbar across the bottom (warning - bad ASCII art below):

     ===   ===
       \\ //
       // \\
     | | | | |

The number eight is commonly associated with him, and his colors are red (blood), black (death), and brass (the Throne of Khorne). There are no temples to Khorne, as he is worshipped only on the field of battle. His worshippers are exclusively warriors. His followers are as likely to decide that an ally is to sacrified to Khorne as they are to decide the same for an enemy. Followers of the Blood God may even offer each other up, as such sacrifices are even more pleasing to Khorne. However, his primary enemy is Slannesh, the Lord of Pleasure, the Chaos power dedicated to hedonism and debauchery.

Khorne is opposed to the use of magic and psychic powers in any form. The only wizards in his service are chained to the forges at the base of his throne, making magical weapons for his chosen. As they aid his followers in the act of killing, magical weapons and armour are permitted.

His Greater Daemons are the Bloodthirsters. The foot soldiers of his daemonic legions are the Bloodletters. His hunting beasts are the Flesh Hounds, and the favoured mount of his forces is the Juggernaut. The battle cry of his followers is "Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Throne of Khorne!"

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