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In the south-west of Iran, the province of Khuzestan which covers over 65,000 square kilometers. The province shares borders with the province of Chahar Mahal and kohgilooyeh on the east, in the south by the Persian Gulf and by the west it shares a border with Iraq. In ancient times, the civilization of Elam grew up in this area. Achaemendis, Parthians, and Sasanids built up part of this province.

The area is divided into two regions. One of these is the south and west part of the province which is alluvial plains irrigated by the Karoon, Karkheh and Jarahi rivers. The north and east section of Khuzestan is mountainous and is a part of the southern edge of the Zagross Mountains. In the mountainous section of Khuzestan the winters are cold and summers are moderate. In the southern area the climate ranges from semi-desert to costal desert; long and warm summers with short, moderate winters.

The largest city in Khuzestan is Ahvaz which dates back to the second millennium BC. This city is a bustling city full of trade and home to many ancient monuments. Ahvaz is home to light industries and the petroluem industry. Around the city the soil is very fertile allowing many different crops to grow. The largest and only navigable river in Iran flows through the city.

Another town of historical importance, Shoosh is located in the western portion of the city. This city was the capital of Elam and is home to many important monuments. The mausoleum of Daniel is located here, remember Daniel was a Biblical prophet held during the Babylonian captivity. Also located nearby is the Zigguart of Chogha Zanbil This temple is shaped in the form of a terraced pyramid of 5 receding stories. In the fifth and uppermost level the god of the Elamistes. This site was registerd by UNESCO as a historical monument.

Khuzestan is very important historically as there are many artificats and ruins of its ancient glory. Also during the first part of the Iraq-Iran War, Khuzestan was captured by the Iraqis and renamed Arabistan

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