Ki-Adi-Mundi Jedi Knight

Ki-Adi-Mundi is a Cerean, a race with tall conical craniums housing binary brains. But more importantly, he is a Jedi Knight. He was one of the few Jedi Knights on the Jedi Council in The Phantom Menace, meaning he had yet to train a Padawan himself and reach the rank of Jedi Master. He took on A'Sharad, the son of slain Jedi Master Sharad Hett, as his Padawan between Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Ki-Adi-Mundi spent a period of time assigned directly to master Yoda, years before the prequel saga began.

Ki-Adi-Mundi was one of the most skeptical of Qui Gon Jinn's claims of fighting a new Sith Lord. "Impossible, the Sith have been extinct for a millenium." Perhaps it was this clouded vision filling Ki-Adi-Mundi with remorse that caused him to leave Coruscant to attend the funeral of Qui Gon Jinn and the celebration of the liberation of Naboo.

In Attack of the Clones, Ki-Adi-Mundi shows his Jedi Knight training, being one of the rescue group sent to recover Obi Wan Kenobi from Geonosis. He and Plo Koon are sent on a mission by Mace Windu, to go and destroy the Droid Control Center. They succeed in disabling the Droid Control Center, but the droids all have built-in back-up control units (brains) so they reactivate after a second of inertness. The daring duo are then captured in this scene, which was removed from the final cut of the movie, but will likely be present in the DVD. His skill at deflecting blaster bolts is exhibitted as he helps to deflect blasts while helping other Jedi escape onto one of the Republic Gunships in the flight from the arena.

Thanks to galaga88 for corrections on Ki-Adi-Mundi's role in the rescue effort.

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