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Twenty bucks, same as in town.

No seriously. Go ask in the newsgroup; they'll tell you just that.

Why, alt.religion.kibology, of course, why do you ask? You do remember Usenet, don't you?

It's a little bit of Church of the Subgenius, a little bit of Firesign Theatre, a half cup each of They Might Be Giants and Frank Zappa, and a dash of Bob the Angry Flower, all smeared with a generous frosting of when the hell is Bob Hope gonna die already?

Also, orange cones and typography. Kibo, the eponym of the group, is obsessed with both. The typography makes sense; he is a graphic designer by trade. The orange cones nobody quite understands. But look around, you gotta admit there's a lot of orange cones. Maybe he's on to something after all.

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