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Kingdom Rush is a flash-based, Tower Defense game with a high fantasy theme. It is playable on flash gaming sites Armor Games and Kongregate, as well as a download for the iPhone.

Kingdom Rush's game mechanics are fairly standard for a tower defense game. Enemies start out from Point A and try to reach Point B, and the players job is to build towers to stop them. The player can select from four basic tower types, which they can then upgrade. The player also has a few other options to bolster their towers. The game has 17 levels, with some only playable if the player has paid for the game. The levels get more difficult, and introduce more and more complications and exceptions to the basic rules. Some levels have boss battles.

Kingdom Rush is a very basic idea done very well. There are many tower defense games made for casual gaming, and Kingdom Rush is one of the best. The interface and game mechanics are intuitive, but have enough diversity to stay interesting and challenging. The production is also good: despite the limitations of Flash, and the game's cartoony graphics, it is still well illustrated, and the music and voice acting add to the atmosphere. The game also has good replay value, with two additional, more challenging modes of play for each level.

Although the game might not be for everyone (especially those who find Flash games too simple, or Tower Defense too limiting), it is an excellently well-executed example of the genre for those who are interested.


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