First, a definition...

Klingon Kleavage is a play on cleavage. The women who play Klingons show a lot of clevage with their outfits.

My wife and I are Trekkies. We enjoy the shows and the movies. One spring I decided to take my wife to a large convention in Pasadena, California for her birthday. It would be a 3 day event, and the gift part was it would be 3 days with no kids.

Mrs. Pickle made a nice Federation uniform for me, which I still wear on Halloween when I hand out the goodies to the little urchins. She made a Klingon outfit for herself.

My wife is my age (36), but she looks 24. She still gets carded when buying her Jim Beam (did I mention we had kids?). She is very well built, perfect for Klingon Klevage.

The outfit she made was very realistic. She wore one of those rubber turtle thingies on her head to look Klingonish. She looked astounding and very sexy for a female killing machine.

When we arrived, we changed in our hotel room and donned our outfits. From that point on, every stereotypical Trekkie geek who saw her asked if they could have her picture. There has to be 150 geeks with her picture in their bedroom. She had a blast with it, as you couldn't tell who she was under the outfit. She just oozed sexual electricity wherever she went.

My son was born nine months later. Draw your own conclusions as to what the effect was on me.

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